In July 2015 Wendy, Sun and I attended the World Future Society (WFS) conference in San Francisco. Think Piece 23: The Future of Talent: Reflections from the World Future Society Conference discusses the opportunities and challenges for New Zealand going forward, with a focus on the four major trends that were apparent at the World Future Society conference and how they will impact the future of talent:

1. Radical, transformative technological advancement
2. The transition to a post-work society
3. A modern overhaul of education systems
4. Incorporation of foresight and futures thinking into classrooms

20151214 ThinkPiece 23-1

The Institute is the World Futures Society’s chapter for New Zealand, and we have spoken at three of the Society’s previous conferences on our overarching project: Project 2058. For the 2015 conference we ran a panel session on Building a Talent Based Economy in New Zealand and discussed what we have learned thus far regarding creating talent-based economies.

You can learn more about this conference on our TalentNZ website.